Fire Extinguishers Melbourne

We provide top quality products and services across Melbourne and Victoria to help people be fire-ready.

Fire extinguishers can help stop a fire in its tracks before it becomes a major threat to people, buildings and infrastructure. They should be your first line of defence against a new fire.

Wormald provide fire extinguishers for all types and classes of fires, including solids, liquids, gases, electrical equipment fires and fires involving cooking oils and fats.

It is important you have the correct fire extinguisher installed to combat fire threat in your environment. If you are a chef working in a commercial kitchen, you would probably want to get an extinguisher designed to combat a fire involving cooking oils and fats.

Please see below our Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart to help you determine what sort of extinguisher will best suit your environment/needs.

Fire Extinguishers Melbourne
Fire Extinguishers Melbourne

Please click on the chart for the full-view PDF version.

Our staff can also help you choose the correct fire extinguisher for your needs, so please contact us for help.

November 13, 2013