Fire Fighting Fittings & Pipes, Melbourne

Statewide Fire Geelong

Statewide Fire Protection keeps you ready for any fire emergency. We stock a full range of fittings, pipes, nozzles, gases, wet chemicals and powders to keep your fire extinguishers Melbourne and other equipment in good working order.

AWG Fire Fighting Fittings

Exelgard supply the AWG Storz fittings, which have high quality, quick connect and disconnect fittings.  Australian Fire Brigades use this fire fighting fitting extensively on pumps and for everyday fire fighting use. Storz is also being used in many commercial applications.

Alloy Storz Fittings

The AWG High quality alloy storz fittings features a “Push, Twist and Lock” action capable of both suction and delivery applications This is where frequent connect and dis-connect actions are required.

Branch Pipes and PVC Nozzles

Exelgard branch pipes and PVC Nozzles. From the basic 25mm and 38mm PVC nozzle, AW triple purpose branch pipes, MFA rotary jet nozzles and hose reel nozzles Exelgard has a wide range available for all situations.

Foam Hardware and Fire Hose

Statewide Fire Protection supplies a wide range of fire hose, foam inductors and foam branch pipes. Exelgard also provide AFFF and ATC foam in 20 and 200 litre drums.

Spanners and Y Pieces

Statewide Fire provide spanners , Y pieces with and with out ball valve control.

Spritzen Nozzle

The New AWG spritzen nozzle is available in 25mm, 38mm and 65mm sizes.

Storz Fittings

Statewide Fire Protection supply the AWG Storz fittings which an e high quality, quick connect and dis-connect fitting. The Australian Fire Brigades are using this fire fighting fitting, extensively on pumps and many commercial applications.

Fire fighting fittings and pipes are just one part of our extensive range of fire protection products. The range also includes fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems Melbourne.

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