Fire Protection Products Melbourne and Geelong

Statewide Fire Protection, Melbourne

Statewide Fire Protection Geelong  has everything you need to be fire ready, whether you are based in the city or the country.  Our range of fire protection and fire fighting products includes fire extinguishers Geelongfire hose reel and cabinetsfire hosessprinkler systemshome and car fire safety equipmentfire alarm systems Melbournefire safety signs, and fire fighting fittings and pipes.

We also provide the fire extinguisher installation Melbourne, service and repair and fire extinguisher testing services you need to keep your equipment in peak working order. Telephone us on 1800 00 22 12 or email us.

Fire Extinguishers

Statewide Fire Protection supplies, tests and repairs the full range of fire extinguishers for Class A, B, C, E and F fires. A fire extinguisher or fire hydrant can be considered the first line of defence if you are confronted with an incident involving fire. The types of fire extinguisher vary considerably to meet the...
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Fire Reels & Cabinets

Statewide Fire Protection is one of Victoria’s leading fire hose reel and fire hose cabinet suppliers. Our fire hose reels and fire hose cabinets, like all Statewide products, are made to exacting specifications. The range includes our own brand and other leading brands, such as Wormald. Statewide Fire Protection also offers full testing (including Geelong...
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Fire Hoses

Statewide Fire Protection offers a wide range of fire hoses for all fire protection needs. Regardless of your situation or the dimension you need, Statewide has the fire hose for you. Statewide Fire Protection Melbourne also offers full testing (including fire extinguisher testing Melbourne), servicing (including fire extinguisher service Geelong), repairs and installation.  For more information, free...
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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are widely regarded as one of the most effective methods of fire protection. That’s because they provide the ability to detect, warn and respond to fires automatically. Fire sprinkler systems are also mandatory in all commercial buildings and facilities, along with fire extinguishers, and other fire protection equipment. There are a large...
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Fire Home & Car Safety

Statewide Fire Protection stocks the full range of home and care fire safety equipment, including Geelong fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Our range includes quality, leading brands, such as Fireboss and Wormald. Statewide’s home and car fire safety products are part of our extensive range of fire protection products. Our range also includes fire extinguishers Geelong, fire...
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Fire Alarm Systems

The critical first step in any fire protection plan is a comprehensive Geelong fire alarm system in good working order. The early warning that fire alarm systems give you provide the best possible chance to reduce the risk to life and property. Statewide Fire Protection provides a comprehensive range of fire alarm systems including: Smoke...
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Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are an important part of any fire protection plan – particularly in a commercial setting. Statewide Fire Protection stocks an extensive range of fire safety signs for both domestic and commercial applications. The range includes: Fire asset location including fire extinguisher Geelong signs and fire hose reel Melbourne signage Exit and emergency...
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Firefighting Fittings and Pipes

Statewide Fire Protection keeps you ready for any fire emergency. We stock a full range of fittings, pipes, nozzles, gases, wet chemicals and powders to keep your fire extinguishers Melbourne and other equipment in good working order. Exelgard supply the AWG Storz fittings, which have high quality, quick connect and disconnect fittings.  Australian Fire Brigades use this...
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