Fire Sprinkler Systems Melbourne, Geelong

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Fire sprinkler systems are widely regarded as one of the most effective methods of fire protection. That’s because they provide the ability to detect, warn and respond to fires automatically. Fire sprinkler systems are also mandatory in all commercial buildings and facilities, along with fire extinguishers, and other fire protection equipment.

There are a large number of factors to consider when planning the installation of fire sprinkler systems.

  • What is the location?
  • What area needs to be protected, including room sizes?
  • What forms of detection are required?
  • What type of facility is being protected? For example, a normal office building, retail outlet, factory with large amounts of electrical plant and equipment or a cold room.
  • What type of response is required? Do you want the sprinklers to activate immediately or to provide time to deploy other protection measures first?

Whatever your needs, the fully accredited, QAS approved technicians at Statewide Fire Protection can design, install, maintain and test your fire sprinkler systems to Australian Standards. We can also provide training to your staff.

As is the case with all fire strategies, fire sprinkler systems should only be seen as one of a range of responses. For this reason, Statewide Fire Protection offers an extensive range of fire protection products Victoria wide including fire extinguishersfire hose reels and cabinetsfire hosesfire safety – home and carfire alarm systemsfire safety signs, and fire fighting fittings and pipes.

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