Fire Safety Installation, Geelong & Melbourne

Statewide Fire, Melbourne

Proper installation of fire protection equipment is now regulated for all commercial and other public buildings. Fire safety equipment must be installed to Australian standards and then regularly tested to ensure it continues to meet Australian standards.

Statewide Fire Protection can supply, advise and install the full range of home and commercial fire protection equipment. We can also provide staff training on the proper use of this equipment.

Our installation services, which are all provided by fully accredited and QAS approved technicians, include smoke alarm installation, Geelong fire extinguisher installation, fire alarm systems Melbourne installation, fire hose reel installation, and fire signage installation.

Statewide Fire Protection is also fully qualified for Geelong fire extinguisher testing and other forms of fire equipment testing. We can also repair and service fire extinguishers Melbourne and other safety equipment at our North Geelong workshop.

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