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Installation of fire alarms

Statewide Fire Protection has been servicing Victorians for fire protection and products including installations and safety checks since 1996.

Smoke alarms are compulsory for every residential building, on or near the ceiling of every storey. Smoke alarms must meet the Australian Standard AS 3786-1993.

Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat and Colac smoke alarms

We provide smoke alarms that comply with the Australian Standard and also provide smoke alarm installation for our clients across Victoria including Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat and Colac.

Smoke alarms have been widely used in the US for 20 years and figures show a reduction in house fire deaths by more than 50% in homes with working smoke alarms.

Australian data supports US figures.

It is recommended to change your smoke alarm battery whenever you change your clocks for the start and end of daylight savings.

Smoke alarms save lives – contact us for smoke alarms and installation.

January 14, 2014